Accelerate Data Driven Transformation,
Accelerate Growth

The whole economy, including your industry, is transforming. Data can provide the best guidance for this transformation. Driven by the need for finding operational efficiencies, becoming more secure, or providing better customer service, your clients are desperately seeking experts who have resolved non-trivial, but expensive, business process realities.

Leading Research on Data Driven Organizations:

more likely to acquire new customers

as likely to retain those customers

as likely to be profitable as a result

Additional leading research on how data driven organizations accelerate intuitive and impact growth:

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Our products and services are optimized to empower you to take your client relationships to another level. We will work closely with you to identify and systematically solve for your customers’ unique business challenges through the most effective use of old, new, dormant, and live data. More than likely, your customer’s organization does not have a dedicated data team focused on these operational issues. And even if they do, research suggests there are several gaps in the delivery of those services.

By leveraging Inovex, you have the opportunity to take a lead role in your customer’s data-driven digital transformation. Our teams are comprised of experts in systems architecture, programming, designing and building databases, and interface configuration. Through our partnership, every challenge presented will be an opportunity to carry out initiatives with confidence and prove to your customers that you are their number one partner.

  • Data Strategy

  • Product Management

  • Data Science

  • Privacy & Security

  • Web & Mobile Development

  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions

How do we get started? Roadmap Ahead

  • Month 1

    – Customer profiles
    – Build strategy
    – You conduct initial conversations

  • Month 2

    – Personalize communications
    – Identify initial opportunities
    – You take ownership of new opportunity

  • Month 3

    – You bring Inovex in as your data systems partner
    – Further exploration
    – Actualize opportunity

  • Month 4 - 6

    – Begin project
    – Refine messaging
    – Continue campaign

  • Month 6

    – Launch product
    – Increase retention
    -Engage in deeper opportunities

Increase Growth, Loyalty & Profit!

Partner Testimonials

"In just two months of working with the team at Inovex, we have been able to identify new opportunities and reframe our proposals using a data-driven lens. We look forward to continuing our relationship and uncovering more value for our clients."

- Chris Candy, VP Business Development, Mobilizz

"Since 2016, Inovex has been a key strategic partner. They have a solid approach to systems development and engineering data solutions. Through their work on building an integrated application, and datasets, for one of our large municipal clients, we have empowered the client to drive concrete and measurable operational efficiencies on a daily basis."

- Dwayne Primeau, VP and GM, Northern Business Intelligence