Keeping the healthcare supply chain resilient.

Canvass Health accelerates the demand and supply management of scarce products at SCALE.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Easy to use, web or mobile interface collects data on inventory quickly. It also provides a dashboard to the clinics on their orders and fulfillment.

  • Demand Validation

    Allows Stockpile Manager to validate the demand pressures
    from hundreds or thousands of sites. Predicts patterns in
    supply consumption and detects anomalies. Prevents waste
    and stockpiling at the local sites.

  • Supply Allocation

    Up-to-date, automated, and intelligent system to enable Stockpile Managers to allocate supplies to managed sites
    in an equitable manner based on the urgency of need.
    Partial fulfilment of orders can be easily managed if
    supplies are running low.

  • Macro Analysis

    Working with regional outbreak detection systems, allocates preference to regions where supplies are needed urgently. Trend analysis, visualizations and reports to enable rapid and accurate procurement and allocation of supplies.

Fight Coronavirus With The Canvass Health Disease Registry

  • Fight Coronavirus

    The requirements for PPE and medical devices (masks, gloves, face shields, syringes, IV bags, etc.) are growing at an exponential rate, while their supplies remain scarce.

    To get ahead of future waves we need to prepare. Canvass Health Supply Chain manages inventory allocation of scarce products and is ready to deploy TODAY.

  • Supply Chain Tracking

    • Site profiles & current inventory
    • Order placement & status updates
    • Delivery confirmation
    • Predictive demand validation
    • Proactive supplies allocation

    Real-time data empowers us to ensure frontline workers have the supplies they need to work safely each day.

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with national health organizations to collect, manage and analyse disease-centric data across Canada with great results. We’re ready.

patient records managed
surveys stored
data points recorded
sites managed
in supplies allocated per year
in total supplies managed with zero waste

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