Staying on top of Covid-19

Canvass Health accelerates the collection and management of secure patient data at SCALE.

  • Testing & Intake

    In order for testing to scale up 30X current rates it will take individuals, volunteers and health care providers all testing simultaneously. Our automated patient intake feature is able to aggregate data dynamically across ALL input devices.

  • Diagnostic

    Our knowledge of the Novel Coronavirus is changing rapidly, and will continue to do so for the next few years. This will have an ongoing and frequent impact on the specific guidelines for diagnosis and treatments. Our diagnostics engine can be updated quickly based on the latest guidelines and can track multiple risk factors simultaneously.

  • Treatment

    Treatment pathways will also need to be adjusted as we learn more about the disease and its long-term effects. The treatment module provides capability for personalized plans, remote follow-ups, and patient self reporting.

  • Research

    From clinical research to clinical practice: The power of Canvass Health lies in its ability to bring state of the art guidelines to all practitioners. Whether care is delivered in an urban hospital or rural clinic, the clinicians are empowered with the best available knowledge at their fingertips. The data collected empowers continuous research for the best possible management and treatment of any disease.

Fight Coronavirus With The Canvass Health Disease Registry

  • Fight Coronavirus

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread it is essential that we collect, manage and analyse mass amounts of data across the country quickly. Knowledge is our power.

    CANVASS HEALTH is a secure disease registry that is ready to deploy TODAY!

  • Data Tracking

    • The course of the disease
    • Changing demographics predictors
    • Clinical treatment patterns
    • Real-time treatment reports
    • Consolidate and scale rapid research

    Altogether, data helps us better understand the impact of Covid-19. It helps us establish appropriate treatment plans today and maximizes our preparedness for future waves.

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with national health organizations to collect, manage and analyse disease-centric data across Canada with great results. We’re ready.

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