This is the future of clinical data collection.

Canvass Health has been helping healthcare partners such as physician offices, advocacy and research organizations and government healthcare authorities across Canada for over 10 years.

Entirely Microsoft-based, Canvass Health is a cutting-edge data interface management solution that accelerates collection, integration and development of healthcare data.

  • Delivers You Real-Time Monitoring

    The days of waiting for data arrival are behind us. Get access to live-patient care or clinical information and the most accurate data in the least amount of time, helping you make the best decisions.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Our platform is easily accessible to clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients. Canvass Health includes personalized dashboards, inventory management tools, comprehensive patient profiles, physician management databases, and so much more.

  • Seamless Data Collection

    Leverage your data with the use of cloud-based Azure software with integrated AI and Machine Learning to generate the data you want and need. Our platform collects your data and
    showcases it through comprehensive ad-hoc reporting and visually stunning, easy-to-read tables and charts, with the addition of various export outputs.

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