Our Products

Our comprehensive fleet management solution to optimize efficiency and deliver bottom-line growth.

  • Canvass Fleet

    Every fleet management challenge is unique and so is our approach to tackling them.

    Canvass Fleet, our cloud-based fleet management solution, is a game-changing GEOTAB integration solution to maximize the productivity of your fleet assets.

    Our fleet management solution adopts to suit your business processes and workflow needs, integrating real-time telematics data with your enterprise reporting tools so you can see exactly what’s going on.

    Your fleet managers and drivers will quickly adapt to our platform, grasp relevant information and be ready to tackle any challenges on the fly.

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  • Canvass Health

    Canvass Health, our cloud-based platform is used by healthcare partners such as physician offices, advocacy and research organizations as well as government healthcare authorities across Canada.

    Entirely Microsoft Azure-based, Canvass Health is a cutting-edge patient portal and management solution that accelerates collection, integration and development of healthcare data.

    Canvass Health is a feature-rich product which delivers real-time monitoring and collection of data during clinic visits, produces historic reports, and leverages machine learning to generate essential predictive information points.

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