Digitizing the Supply Chain

Our Canvass Health platform can help tackle presented challenges through our disease registry software. Track the course of disease, changing demographics, treatment patterns and consolidate research. Manage inventory allocation of scarce supplies, manage order placements, predict demand and proactively allocate supplies.

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Our Technologies

Learn more about our data-driven fleet management and healthcare transformation.

  • Canvass Fleet

    Fleet managers face multiple operational challenges, including fuel economy, workforce performance, and asset maintenance. The key to understanding the size of the opportunity lies in the operation’s dormant data.

    Canvass Fleet leverages the power of Geotab Telematics to highlight the improvement opportunities and rapidly deploys just-in-time, fit-for-purpose actionable insights.

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  • Canvass Health

    Our healthcare system is well-designed to handle acute care and struggles to effectively manage chronic illnesses. Delivery of personalized and away-from-clinic care requires a full picture of the patient’s condition and environment at any given time.

    Canvass Health leverages global research in multiple chronic diseases to empower clinics to bring together the right information to most effectively provide care with efficient use of healthcare resources.

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Our Innovative Clients

Innovation requires collaboration. By partnering closely, we have gained insights into the common challenges facing our clients as they transform their operations into the digital world. And together, we have built solutions that are a critical part of their organizations today.

Client Testimonials

A big motivator for us has always been to help as many people as possible. Using Inovex’s Canvass platform we test the effectiveness of novel interventions and scale up what is effective, therefore executing evidence-based patient care while accelerating treatment development and implementation. Thanks to our work with Inovex we currently treat over 25,000 patients every year from over 300 sites.

- Sarwar Hussain, Director of Innovation, Operations and Strategy at CAMH

The Inovex team has consistently surpassed our expectations and has been an integral catalyst for our digital transformation over the last few years. Their pioneering and collaborative approach to developing digital solutions in the healthcare space will be an asset if you partner with them.

- John Wallenburg, Chief Scientific Officer at Cystic Fibrosis Canada

The Inovex team gained an understanding of our technological requirements very quickly and provided sound advice throughout the assessment, implementation and execution of initiatives. They have provided exceptional service, and are always eager to assist us with addressing challenges. Our experience with Inovex has been extremely positive.

- Brenda Croucher, Executive Director at Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada