Pillars of Success

When our clients look to us for guidance, they notice that we take extra care to understand their way of business and adapt our technologies to allow their business to grow in the right direction. At Inovex, we are pioneers at the leading edge of information technologies. Through the use of a solid library of software components, we can position your organization to be at the forefront of its competition.

All of our solutions are designed using a core infrastructure built on four primary objectives: Security, Scalability, Sociability, and Strength.

All of our applications are built in conformance to Microsoft’s SD 3 framework, meaning that our teams design for Security in Design, Security in Deployment and Security by Default. We understand that your data is valuable and will go to all lengths to ensure protection, which is why we have partnered with organizations whose chief initiative is just that – powerful encryption to secure your data.

Because we spend so much time in design, we make time to assess not only your current software requirements, but where we see your roadmap could take you in months or years to come. In this way, we too can plan ahead to ensure that our applications are scalable to fit your upcoming needs, thus bringing down your total costs in the long run. Scalability not only means efficiency to us, but cost savings to our clients.

Software tends to become less and less usable as its complexity increases, which is why one of our primary focuses here at Inovex is to bring forth software that is inherently easy-to-use. In reality, our software has to fit the mindset of our clients and so a lot of time is spent in developing use case scenarios and unique interface designs. From these iterations, we are able to come up with truly “sociable” software that brings a warmth and friendliness to its users.

We understand the need for our clients to focus on their business activity. The software they use needs to be something they can rely and depend on day after day. For this reason, our software goes through rigorous internal and beta testing before it is released for production. Downtime for our clients can mean the loss of thousands, if not millions of dollars, so our designs must be fully redundant and use the best technologies in the marketplace. We do not settle for second best.

At Inovex, you can rest assured that no matter what the work domain, we will adapt these four primary objectives to make our software work for you.

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