Inovex’s approach to project management is based on three underlying beliefs and is also loosely tied to the agile framework for software design and development: Communication, Adaptability, and Substance.  These beliefs pervade our entire development and design process and have been integral at ensuring the effective, on-time delivery of our software development projects, while keeping scope creep at a low.


From a communication perspective, we believe it critical to have a transparent mechanism for keeping track of all risks, open tasks, their priorities, and estimated time to completion.  We employ a web-based system for task management that we expose to our clients to keep them well informed of the development of the project.    The project plan is dynamic and is available online at any time.  We engage our clientele via in-person meetings predominantly throughout the analysis and design phase of the project where design documentation is formally presented to the client and feedback ascertained.


While it is important that there is strong communication, it is important that our development team have the agility to quickly adapt to the results of this communication.  This is facilitated through our change management process and our web-based system and email request queue for defect tracking and feature requests.


Finally, communication and adaptability pave the way for us to highlight the substance of our work in the form of design-phase deliverables (i.e. Requirements Document, Data Model, Prototypes), and periodic checkpoints to showcase the project at certain points while in development.

Our unique dedication to effective design means that robust solutions can be built for you on time, with the highest quality, and within your budget.

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