Canvass for Environmental Services

Inovex Canvass Data Collection System for Environmental Services

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Canvass is a web based platform for data collection, management, and analysis.  It comes with a powerful set of reporting and mapping tools that allow you to quickly assess your data via a comprehensive analysis dashboard.

Allow your field workers to be mobile, and connect them to one centralized hub of data at the same time. Using the Canvass Mobile Client and Canvass Management and Analysis Centre, mobility, synchronization, and data auditing issues will become a thing of the past.

The Canvass Mobile Client is a light-weight Windows-based application that will operate on any laptop, desktop, or Tablet. It syncrhonizes with the Management and Analysis Centre automatically and by the user’s request. It’s features include both Data Collection features and Trending features (as outlined below).

Data Collection

  • Types of data supported for collection:
    • Numeric (Integers or Real values)
    • Drop Down Lists
    • Text
    • Checkboxes
  • Short-term data history at your fingertips
  • Addition of custom and pre-assigned notes on a facility-by-facility basis (or data-point-by-data-point basis)
  • Data flagging
  • User and timestamp auditing of:
    • Time-in and time-out (at collection facilities)
    • All data values entered
    • All notes entered
  • Automatic and Manual Synchronization
  • Fully-audited system
  • Calculated data values
  • On-the-fly re-ordering of data points to facilitate the user’s preferred sequence of data entry
  • Threshold and alarm warning indicators
  • Collection of data in hierarchical groupings (i.e. Locations, Facilities, data point groupings, etc.)
  • Automatic meter-rollover detection
  • Ability to perform meter replacements
  • Sample Collection
  • Regulatory compliance thresholds for chemical consumption (chlorine, silicate, hypo, ammonia) and water/wastewater flow
  • Chemical top-up and cylinder change detection


  • Data audit reports
  • Data alarm reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Sychronization reports
  • Detailed data point trending
  • Historical data reports by facility
  • Map-based reports and analytics
  • Iso-line reports
  • Map-based dashboard
  • Create custom reports on-the-fly
    • Daily Reports
    • Weekly and Monthly Summary Reports
  • Chain of Custody Reports
  • Sample Collection Reports
  • Water and Wastewater Flow Reports (daily, monthly, yearly)
  • Chemical Consumption Reports and Trends (with associated
    unit costs)


  • Supports multiple axis line trends and X-Y scatter trends
  • Show historical and current data on the same trend
  • Save trends to multiple formats for export (i.e. JPG, PDF)
  • Automatic display of data points when mouse is rolled over trend
  • Save and open trending templates


  • Data point administration:
    • Setup data attributes (units, significant digits, decimal points, warning thresholds, etc.)
    • Setup recurrence profiles (i.e. collect points on certain days of the week/month/year)
    • Setup data point groupings (i.e. by facility, custom group, etc.)
  • User and roles administration (link to Active Directory if required)
  • Pre-populate drop down lists for the Mobile Client
  • Facility management
    • Setup groups of facilities under a location
    • Setup groups of locations under a hub
  • Web Services interface for integration
  • Update collected facility data values
  • Set data alarm thresholds and notifications
  • Specify profiles under which common data can be grouped for reporting

How do I get my data into Canvass?

Canvass has been designed to consume your data in a number of different fashions in order to make it as seamless as possible for the data you need to be at your fingertips.

  • Mobile Data Entry – Enter your data via the Mobile Client – this doesn’t even require an Internet connection!
  • Web Data Entry – Enter your data via the web interface
  • Web Service Entry – Canvass comes with a series of web services that make it easy for it to consume data from other essential third party services like weather stations and lab systems