York Region

Energy and Environment Management System++


The Energy Marketplace is constantly changing which makes it critical for Municipalities to implement a solution that not only tracks energy performance and costs but also incorporates the unique environment and economic impact of Municipal Operations. Although there are many off-the-shelf software products available today, these solutions do not adequately address the unique needs of Municipalities. York Region contracted Inovex to build a brand new application utilizing the latest technology. The new EEMS++ Application provides Municipalities with an “all-in-one” gateway to track & report on energy consumed in Municipal Operations (including fleet vehicles), plus the ability to track and report on the emissions generated by municipal operations. By using EEMS++, Municipalities can easily meet mandatory Municipal Energy Reporting requirements. EEMS++ Licensees include six (6) Ontario municipalities: Waterloo Region, Halton Region, Town of Oakville, Norfolk County, City of Brantford, and the City of Greater Sudbury.

The EEMS++ Energy & Environmental Management System is a robust, flexible, and scalable web based application built using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

Location aware dashboard

Solution Overview

EEMS++ is a comprehensive energy management tool that boasts the following features for municipalities.

Ad hoc Reporting and Dashboard

As seen in the screenshot above, the dashboard allows you to see dynamically created charts as soon as you log into the system which serve to give you an overview of the municipality’s energy use.  Each user of the system can have their own unique dashboard and can drag-and-drop new charts onto the dashboard.  The map interface can also be used to filter the charts on your dashboard to apply only to the assets in the selected view.  (Assets are any municipal facility that consumes energy, such as a pumping station, street light, splash pad, etc.)

Asset and Account Management

Easily search, create, and edit assets and their energy accounts via an intuitive navigational structure.

Asset Management

Emissions Management and Tracking

Setup emission factors and view emissions per asset, department, region or energy type.

Weather Correction

Apply weather correction to charts within the system.  Perhaps there was a warmer than usual summer one year which required higher electricity consumption for air conditioning; however, there was a building retrofit that should have shown improvement in energy consumption.  Weather correction allows you to normalize the data and provides an unbiased comparison.

Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

Customize KPIs for reporting to look at specific metrics (such as electricity consumption per square foot of a building).  Associate user-defined or automatically-generated benchmarks with these metrics.

Generate custom KPIs and benchmarks


Automatically import your municipality’s energy bills into the system on a regular basis, and define which fields need to be imported (such as cost, consumption and demand).  The system also allows for quality control mechanisms to be set in place that will highlight warnings such as zero demand, missing bills, values outside of a baseline deviation threshold, etc.

Fleet Fuel Consumption

Import or enter fleet fuel consumption for your municipality and report on emissions, fuel consumption, cost, and more.

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