Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada

Online Data Community Portal (2011)


Since 1997, AWCBC has maintained the National Work Injury Statistics Program (NWISP) database as a source of reliable injury/fatality data. Quality control tools were developed to aid in the continuous improvement of the quality and consistency of the data.  The database currently holds almost 30 years of accepted time loss data and almost 20 years of fatality data which can be cross tabulated by jurisdiction, industry, occupation, age, gender, nature and source, part of body and event.  Data is provided to the public (for a fee) and to members (no fee) through hard copy publication and a data request summary service.  The data was maintained via an Access database prior to Inovex coming on the scene.

Inovex was contracted to develop for the AWCBC an Online Data Community (AOC) that provides a forum for jurisdictional members (Workers Compensation Boards) to enhance coding consistency, submit jurisdictional data and extract data for the purpose of comparison and analysis.  The site consists of four major areas: Data Extraction, Data Submission, Coding Manuals, and Issue Management.

Primary Site Features

The primary functionality of the AOC is highlighted below:

National Work Injury Statistics (NWISP) Extraction

Both standard and custom reports can be consumed by the end-user.  Custom extractions allow the user to graphically filter their data, drill-down on their data for analysis purposes, and ultimately export their report to Excel/PDF.

Key Statistitcal Measures (KSM) Extraction

KSM reports can be sliced in any manner (by jurisdiction, KSM, or year) to reveal answers to pertinent questions, such as “how does my financial situation compare versus jurisdictions of a similar size”?  Results are available in chart and tabular format and are exportable to Excel/PDF.

Coding Manuals

The Coding and Coder’s Reference Manual are powerful, searchable tools whereby codes are associated with issues and any notes coders make to improve Canada-wide consistency.  The manuals are exportable to PDF.

Issue Management

New issues can be created and old issues can be searched.  The creation of a new issue kicks off the resolution process by the Technical Coding Committee (TCC), and after online discussion sessions, the issue can be resolved and associated with the code(s) to which it applies.

Annual NWISP Submissions

NWISP submissions are made with a single LTI and fatality file that are then processed by the AOC’s QA engine.  If errors are found, a comprehensive report is sent to the submitter; otherwise, the submission can be reviewed and approved.

Annual KSM Submissions

KSMs are manually entered by each jurisdiction on an annual basis.  There exists an extensive two-tier QA approval process: first by the QA group and then by the CFO (prior to be published by the AOC Admin).  In addition, footnotes and/or QA notes can be added as supplementary text to each KSM data point.

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