White Papers

Inovex’s whitepapers offer a quick overview of some of our valued solutions.

Antedote (2004) – Medical Clinic Management Suite
The Hamilton Osteoporosis Diagnosis Services Inc (HODSI) were in a bind – their paper trail was long, and delays were holding up their system. This whitepaper describes the Antedote software solution, and shows how Inovex allowed HODSI to get back on track.
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Welldaq (2007) – Real-time Data Acquisition Software

Welldaq Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) is a state-of-the-art data acquisition and logging dashboard that is used predominantly in the oil and gas industry. The software allows you to create your own personalized view of incoming data by dragging and dropping digital gaugues, radial gauges, strip charts, etc. onto your screen while the EDR is logging in real-time.
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SalesHelper (2004) – Web-based Proposal Generation Application
Quick turn-around is a staple of the Siemens SalesHelper – a web-based proposal generation application that turns complex configurations into professional, standardized proposals. The SalesHelper is currently being used for the Siemens Masterdrive and Micromaster products lines in Canada and the US.
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