Helping to Inspire Local Youth

Helping to Inspire Local Youth

On Saturday June 1, members of the Inovex team (Bob Bradley, Mike Branch, Jay Bourne, and Bernard Cheng) took their clubs to the course in support of Streetwise Actors – a local Oakville-based charity.  Streetwise Actors teaches young people basic acting skills, and together we develop a show including skits, songs and music, which is performed in long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Participants develop self-esteem and self-respect through creative hard work and learn respect for others through teamwork, collaboration and interaction between young and old.

The inaugural tournament was chaired by Inovex CEO Mike Branch and was a great success with just over 70 golfers in its first year.  Inovex would like to thank Streetwise Actors for all of the incredible work they do in the community and wish them continued success in their endeavours.

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