Geotab Solutions Integrator

Geotab collects pertinent data from your vehicles.


Engine Health

Accident Data


This data is really POWERFUL INFORMATION when it is integrated with YOUR existing Enterprise Software Systems

With Inovex as your Software Integration Partner of Choice, your fleet managers will be able to visualize exactly what’s going on Live

Reducing learning time is KEY to success when adopting new technologies.

Our UI Design experts will ensure that each solution is:

Easy to use

Provides relevant information

Enables instant decision-making

Together with our deep understanding of the Geotab API and the Software Development Kit, we can provide you:

Two-Way Integration with your Current Systems

Enhanced Reporting

Real Time Customized Dashboards

and more!

In order to successfully integrate your current systems with the Geotab SDK, you need a partner with a proven track-record of engineering excellence.

is your trusted partner!