CEO Mike Branch Delivers Keynote at ICUE 2013 Conference

CEO Mike Branch Delivers Keynote at ICUE 2013 Conference

Today, Inovex CEO Mike Branch delivered the keynote address at this year’s International Conference of Upcoming Engineers (ICUE).  The keynote address focussed on entrepreneurship as Mr. Branch shared his experience in building Inovex over the last 10 years – successes, challenges, and helpful advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The International Conference for Upcoming Engineers (ICUE) was initiated by members of Ryerson University in 2001 to explore different options after graduation and to network with successful professionals in various engineering fields. To benefit upcoming engineers from a wide range of locations, the conference has been hosted by different universities each year. This year the IEEE student branch at University of Toronto is proud to be hosting the ICUE conference for the third time.

ICUE has been developed as an International Conference to provide young engineers with the opportunity to expand their understanding of both academic and industrial sections of their field, and to present students with the opportunity to express their technical knowledge in public.

IEEE UofT is proud to present some of the most powerful units ICUE 2013 on May 6, 2013 in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology at University of Toronto. The theme of this year’s conference is Engineering Entrepreneurship.

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