Inovex was founded in May 2003. After experiencing the slump in the technology industry at the turn of the century, Inovex’s founders decided it was time for a change in philosophy over the way software companies operated.

In the past, a plethora of unsuccessful “dot-coms” and job shops were established and disintegrated over night. These failures were due to the fact that these companies could not deliver to their over-eager investors. An aura of lost confidence, inability and poor professionalism had polluted the industry.

Enter Inovex

Inovex, with its foundation on innovations as opposed to simply development, immediately gained recognition and began carving a reputation. In only its first few weeks, Inovex had secured contracts with Siemens, the University of Toronto, and Fli-Web Net Solutions. Confidence in innovative and quality software was established.

The future brings new challenges and opportunities that Inovex welcomes. Our vision, outlook and foundation will allow Inovex to expand and bring new and innovative products into the global marketplace.